Peelaways: a smarter alternative to traditional bedding

Peelaways Technologies

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Why Peelaways?

  • Peelaways provides hospitals with a disposable alternative in order to offer their patients soft, absorbent, multi-layered waterproof sheets
  • Peelaways are both a fitted bed sheet and a waterproof mattress protector
  • Peelaways saves time, labor and money
  • Peelaways are infection neutral and do not transmit infectious material between layers
  • Peelaway are 32% softer and generate less friction than traditional bed sheets

How Something As Simple As A Sheet Can Have Profound Benefits

  • Save Time
    One person can change a soiled fitted sheet in less than 1 minute - without stripping the bed! Patients are more comfortable and staff save more time

  • Save Money
    Including the cost of each layer, expense of disposal, and the labor cost of peel and change - Peelaways is the most cost-effective alternative to most traditional bed sheets

  • Better Patient Comfort
    Changing a sheet with someone that is bedridden goes from up to 15 minutes to less than a minute with Peelaways

  • Better Time Allocation For The Caregiver


How to use it?

Open the package. Place Peelaways on the bed as you would with a fitted sheet. Make sure that the green stitching is at the head of the bed

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